Street Art Helps To Transform Precinct

The Gallery Town project in Rotherham has used street art to help transform a precinct into a fun and vibrant area.
Riverside Precinct in Rotherham town centre has only a handful of shops still open after being affected by the relocation of Tesco’s and the flow of shopper footfall and had become rundown.
With lots of shutters down and bare brick walls, the space which at one time was alive with activity has become more of a quick thoroughfare for visitors to the town centre using Forge Island car park.
Gallery Town decided to help improve the area and delivered a project called Re-energising People through Regenerating Places which was funded by the Big Lottery Fund and supported by Rotherham Council.
The project worked with Dementia patients through workshops at RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust and asked participants to speak about their memories of Rotherham and key landmarks in the area. Participants worked with artists to create and influence artworks that reflected Rotherham town centre with the professional street artists then created heritage inspired artworks along with their own abstract and specialist designs.
The artists who worked on the project were led by a collective called Smashproof and comprised of South Yorkshire based street artists coLor, Marcus Method, Mr. Kisk, Trick 09 and Mila K. The heritage inspired artworks include the Chapel on the Bridge, a Cannon and the HMS Victory, Rotherham Minster, a Screw Tap and Fire Hydrant and Salmon as seen in the River Don.
The artwork was created with an overall vision of helping to improve the aesthetic of Riverside Precinct for people visiting Rotherham town centre. Gallery Town who led the project aim to promote visual arts that enhance the town centre’s cultural offerings thus benefitting the local economy.
Ged Jenkins Omar, Gallery Town Project Manager “Gallery Town are really pleased to have been able to deliver this project with some very talented South Yorkshire street artists. Working with Dementia patients to explore local landmarks and their memories of Rotherham and then interpreting these into artworks was challenging but exciting. We think the precinct now looks a lot more vibrant and interesting and hope everyone visiting the town centre enjoys seeing them to.”
For any further information please contact:

Ged Omar, 07437925783 or

Mar, 14, 2017