Harbour Print

Harbour Print



Framed and mounted: 25.2 x18 inches


Keith Britton

Keith Britton aka EastRidingPhoto is a landscape photographer based in Hedon, East Yorkshire.
He specialises in long exposure and reflections with the movement of sky and water often being the focal point of his images.

He as only being involved in “serious” photography for a relatively short time, but already has a huge bank of images. In 2013 he was shortlisted for the Larkin prize and previously for the BBC TV programme “show me the Monet”.

Beverley, in East Yorkshire, was one of the largest and wealthiest towns in England in medieval times. It had a large common pasture, “the westwood” just outside the town wall, which is still in use today. Behind the calf is the black mill, a landmark of the area.

Harvest sky
This was taken on the evening in 2014 when Brazil played Germany in the world cup finals. I could see there was going to be a spectacular sunset, so went for a short walk at the end of my street, thinking I would only miss a bit of the match. This was a composite from several frames to show a large portion of the spectacular clouds. When I got back Brazil were alreday 5-0 down

Lindisfarne harbour
Lindisfarne castle is in the distance and the wet sand and mud of the harbour reflects this jauntily leaning yacht at low tide on Holy Island

Puddle of Fog
I took this from the summit of Mam Tor. The whole peak was in the cloud when I arri8ved about half an hour before sunrise, and | was almost ready to give up and go back to Castleton for breakfast when the cloud began to clear

Skidby storm
I was hoping for lightning when I went out following some fabulously structured cumulus columns in summer 2012. The electricity never materialised, but the sun broke through for a short time as I was lining up this shot from the wheat field by Skidby mill, the only working UK windmill north of the Humber

Paul Dennis said, of his recent solo exhibition “Skyline” at the 1 gallery

“Keith Britton is a prolific and highly skilled photographer of land, city and waterscapes, exploring the nature of reflection using his own timelapse techniques. His work often features views of the Hull and the Humber, offering up an insight into his abilities. Finding what others see, but rarely capture. The “Big Skies” and wide expanses of the Humber, are it’s true to say, almost commonplace to those who live here, Keith somehow makes them special. Revealing unseen views of the City of Hull on the Humber’s horizon.
Capturing the rotting timbered hull of a lost vessel within mud and tidal grip, seemingly allowing us a brief time to examine its form and texture. Inner cityscapes also throw up familiar landmark shapes but in previously unseen combinations and viewpoints. Here is an eye that will keep on revealing.”

MANY more images are available on Keith’s portfolio, hosted by 500px (or google: keith britton, 500px) and on his facebook photography pages,
EastRidingPhoto (no spaces) for landscapes, and Impossible Photographs for portraits in landscapes.


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