More Urban Street Art Appears in Rotherham Town Centre

In January 2017 Gallery Town commissioned Sheffield Urban Artist Casper Kennedy Carr to create an artistic mural on an alleyway wall leading from the High Street to Rotherham Minster.

The exterior wall of La Bella Lingerie shop was previously painted solid black and despite being a potentially exciting feature of the High Street looked uninviting.

Following discussions with La Bella, the buildings owner and RMBC, Gallery Town decided to invite Casper to help improve the aesthetics of the alleyway.

Casper used bright colours and created a vivid interpretation of Rotherham High Street with people walking between rows of shops.

The artwork has now created a really interesting and inviting vibe to the alleyway with lots of people commenting positively on the piece and lots of people taking photographs which have then appeared on various social media platforms.

Casper is one of the brains behind the SmashProof collective – an urban arts group who work with youth groups and schools through alternative provision.

Mar, 14, 2017