Gallery Town in Westminster

Gallery Town were  formally invited to Westminster earlier this week, as a result of a competition we ran in partnership with UKCES. Along with competition winner Harry Vernon (11) and his family, we were given a complimentary tour of the Houses of Parliament, as well as a meeting with Childcare Minister, Sam Gyimar.

The competition ran earlier this year within local primary schools, encouraging pupils to create an image of what they believed the future of work would look like. Harry, from Bramley Sunnyside school, entered the competition without his parent knowing, so it proved to be a welcome surprise when they discovered he’d won them a weekend trip to London!

Sam Gyimar MP, kindly took time from his busy schedule to come and talk to Harry about his painting. He also had two prints made, so that both Harry and himself could have a momentum of the day – which they both signed.

Harry says he will continue to draw and in the future hopes to have a career in design.

Nov, 03, 2015