2050: Future of Work Art Exhibition by Local School Children sponsored by Xtol Development and Ways 2 Work

10th August 2015 – 5th September 2015 all-day
Riverside Gallery
Riverside House
Main Street, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S60 1QY
Gallery Town
01709 970134
2050: Future of Work Art Exhibition by Local School Children sponsored by Xtol Development and Ways 2 Work @ Riverside Gallery | Rotherham | England | United Kingdom

Primary School pupils in Rotherham were given a fantastic opportunity of showcasing their talents by entering an art competition where the winning creation will take pride of place in the Department for Education in Westminster, London.

Rotherham’s primary school pupils were asked to look forward in time and visualise what they think the world of work might look like in the year 2050.

The competition idea originated from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills reports that investigate job trends and changes that may occur in the UK’s future. By taking a leap forward in imaginary time, pupils have been envisioning what new or different jobs may be needed? What types of equipment and technology will there be and will it look and feel different to do a traditional job like a Nurse or a Teacher?

The UK CES who hold their headquarters outside of Westminster within the Rotherham borough teamed up with locally based Gallery Town project to deliver the competition. Gallery Town is a cultural regeneration project based within Rotherham who utilise the support of the private sector to fund public art installations for all to enjoy. The innovative open-air gallery currently exhibits over a hundred installations of art across the Town Centre and engages with the National Gallery, local artists and local college and school pupils.

Along with the UK CES the competition is being supported by local training providers XTOL Development Services and Ways 2 Work. These two companies form part of the The Phoenix Enterprises Training Group that collectively support learning and training within the workplace for both employers and employees.

Jul, 07, 2015