Rotherham regeneration project Gallery Town has generated a large model of Rotherham town centre and some of the boroughs iconic buildings, using recycled materials.

The project Downtown Junk to Uptown Funk revolved around running workshops in some of the boroughs primary schools and working with children investigating sustainability and upcycling.

The schools that took part in the project were Rosehill, Treeton, Whiston, Herringthorpe, The Willows, Newmans and Abbey School.

Recycled materials included empty food packaging, various plastics and a mixture of paper and cardboard types from packaging and alike.

Rotherham based waste management company KCM Recycling sponsored the model town and in doing so helped to inspire young, local talent to get creative whilst thinking about recycled materials.

The completed model town will be on view in the entrance to The Old Market Gallery at Keppel Wharf in Rotherham town centre from 23rd August until 23rd September.
Opening hours are Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10am – 3pm however as it is on display in the entrance area it can be viewed through the glass windows 24/7.

The model is an example of showing how something deemed to be rubbish or discarded can become something of worth with a little time and effort.

KCM Managing Director Phil Hickling said: “This is a really positive project for KCM Waste Management to support and be involved in as it raises awareness around recycling for both children and adults across Rotherham. The town centre model looks fantastic and it’s great to see waste being used in such a creative way. The work that the pupils put in is evident and hopefully it will encourage them to think more about recycling moving forward.”

Gallery Town Project Manager, Ged Omar said: “This was a great project to run and the final installation looks amazing. Children of all abilities and backgrounds have worked together to create something truly fantastic and I’m really pleased Gallery Town had the opportunity to do this and was supported by KCM in our aims to increase arts participation amongst local children.”

For more information please contact Ged Omar on 07437925783 or via

Sep, 20, 2016