Jason Heppenstall

In his own words Jason Heppenstall aka Heppo Art was “Born in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire. I was brought up on a typical post war council estate. Pre- PlayStation and computer days. Gangs of us down the woods, making tree houses and building dams. Kids at one with nature, even at a young age we were always creative. At school I started my love of working with Steel; I enjoyed the metal and woodworking classes more than the academic stuff.” Jason now exhibits across the UK and some of his pieces can be found in Rotherham at the Makers Emporium. His work is in demand up and down the country from both private collectors to one-off commissions for Businesses of all kinds. All Heppo Art’s creations are completely one of a kind and a great example of this would be the Predator piece he sold on Channel 4’s “Four Rooms” Series where accepted £3,000 from one of the auctioneers for it.

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